Trucenta: Leaflink Elite Seller

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As a company that has been dedicated to excellence in every facet of our business, Trucenta is thrilled to be recognized as an Elite seller on the Leaflink platform. Hours of work and people-power have gone into making our wholesaling branch the success and powerhouse that it is, and we have no intention of slowing down. Geared towards success with a focus on quality, Trucenta’s wholesale is the top-line in the game.

You may ask, though, what exactly is an Elite Seller? Through Leaflink, a unified brand-to-brand platform hosting over 7,200 different retailers and 2,800 distinct brands, Trucenta has been identified as an over-achieving wholesaler in the market, contributing not only to our own success, but helping set standards and benchmarks in the industry as a whole. Surpassing the initial honor of a Leaflink Power Seller, the Elite Seller establishes a standard of excellence that exceeds the metrics of ‘good’ sellers, defining an elite echelon of cannabis wholesalers.

The elite status highlights Trucenta’s capacity for success on a multitude of levels, spanning across the qualities of successful wholesalers. By boasting high volume of sales, exceptional levels of acceptance rate, and a detailed & robust selection of product on the market, Trucenta has done more than simply earn a badge; as a company with efficiency, integrity and progress on the forefront of our minds, Trucenta is driven to better ourselves and the cannabis industry by example. 

At the end of the day, though, the numbers that add up to this honor aren’t what’s important. Rather, it’s the fact that you know that Trucenta is a wholesaler that is steadfast in its commitment to good business practices, doing right by our clients, customers, employees and the cannabis industry as a whole. As the Michigan market begins to grow past its infancy, it takes companies and individuals who have a vision for success and progress in the field; Trucenta is both excited and proud to be a pillar of such values and action.