Community Impact

Trucenta’s mission doesn’t stop at the end of a sale; we’re committed to staying true to our roots and giving back to the community wherever we can.

Local Giveback

Working with organizations such as Toys For Tots, The Michigan Warriors Hockey Program, Last Prisoner Project, Hazel Park Library and the Hazel Park local government, we’ve helped to create a better community through both donation and action.

Tending to our roots

Founded and grown in Southeast Michigan, Trucenta’s mission commits to giving back to the community. Our team sponsorships, community cleanups and charitable donations work in the spirit of bettering our community. Our community roots are important, and we look for every chance to help them flourish.

Let Us Help

We haven’t slowed down, and we don’t plan on it. Trucenta is always finding ways to give back to the community, and looking for people and organizations to pair with to do it. If you’re ready to give back alongside Trucenta, we’re ready to hear you out.