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From the planting of seeds to ensuring that our retail orders efficiently reach our customers, Trucenta is made possible by its people. Find your place in the Trucenta family.

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Passion abound

Trucenta is nothing without the passion and drive of its employees. Constantly in search of a diverse collection of driven, forward thinking individuals, we pride ourselves in a foundation where business, innovation and passion make way for progress.

Why work for trucenta?


Trucenta works to ensure our employees are well cared for, offering discounts at our retail stores, robust healthcare plans and PTO.


Committed to expanding our reach past our own walls and fields, Trucenta offers a chance for you to make a positive impact on the community.


Trucenta prides itself in helping our employees grow into who they want to be in the cannabis industry, offering help and opportunity at every available turn.

Trucenta Values.

Trucenta is built on a foundation of trust, working to create opportunities to make cannabis accessible, affordable, and acceptable. Trucenta thrives at the intersection of loyalty, business acumen and ambition to make a vision a reality. At the end of the day, Trucenta is about getting the job done, the right way.

At Trucenta, the culture and the people are what sets it apart. You will never come across someone who says that isn’t my job. We all roll up our sleeves and work together to accomplish our goals.

Miranda Osborne

Human Resources Manager, since 2020

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Trucenta is only great on the foundation of those who work within it. Wide in scope and fueled by ambition, we are always looking for innovative, forward thinking individuals to help bring us to the next level. Find your place in the Trucenta family!

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