Trucenta flower close-up

At Trucenta we’re producers, and we start from the soil up. Utilizing both indoor and outdoor grow methods, Trucenta grows, cares for and cultivates the cannabis needed to not only cure and sell, but also to be processed into an array of other quality Trucenta products.

Marijuana plant
Trucenta flowersMarijuana plant

Quality Flower

Our grows are dedicated to putting out high quality and high yield, ensuring that the product, no matter where it ends up, starts with the highest quality from the roots up.

Biomass For any need

The Trucenta cultivation process is far from a one trick pony, cultivating a wide array of biomass for any need. Ready to produce any variation of flower for a wide array of uses, our grows get results on our foundation of tried experience and proven prowess. 

Trucenta employee processingMarijuana plant close-up
Deeper Roots
Sweet Spot
The Clear
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